We do program evaluation and evaluation capacity building for mission-driven organizations.

See how your activities are measuring up against their goals, enhance your efforts for maximum impact, and strengthen your ability to assess performance.

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Is gathering information and communicating your impact a regularly-scheduled headache?

Do you want to tell stories of impact that transcend basic counts and percentages?

Meet Kayla Meyers, your collaborator in constructing efficient data infrastructure, measuring your impact, and devising your strategic direction.

Leveraging a decade of experience aiding nonprofits and mission-focused entities, Kayla has cultivated imaginative and inventive remedies. Her love for organization, lucidity, and data-driven decision-making infuses all her endeavors.

Concentrate on your core objectives while our data systems seamlessly synchronize data and perform automated analyses.

Define and measure your program objectives through evaluation.

Utilize your data and measurements to guide your path forward through strategic planning and developmental evaluation.

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Gauge your impact with evaluation

Together, we’ll establish the purpose and context of your evaluation, crafting a tailored plan that aligns with your organization's requirements and capabilities while fulfilling your objectives. My data collection strategy will capitalize on existing opportunities for gathering both quantitative and qualitative data. Our collaborative interpretation of the analysis findings will ensure a comprehensive understanding of the nuances and context in which you operate. I will produce a professionally designed report that effectively communicates the significance of your work and its impact on your community. Please find a client testimonial below attesting to my approach to evaluation.

Let’s get your data infrastructure organized in three steps.

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We’ll work together to define your guideposts, givens, and goals.

Paper and Pen

Draft & Pilot

We’ll pilot a drafted solution to identify needed refinements.

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Our data management solution will be fully implemented in your organization.

Grow thoughtfully with Strategic Planning

Our expertise encompasses a diverse array of strategic planning tools, allowing us to select the most suitable one for your specific context and customize it to meet your requirements.

Engage your community

Harness the insights of those most familiar with your organization through deliberate engagement. We will facilitate collaboration using a range of approaches.

  • Individual surveys
  • Community listening sessions
  • Focus groups
  • Asynchronous online engagement

Identify your strengths and opportunities.

We have a variety of tools to measure and document where you’ve been, what you’ve tried, and what that means for moving forward.

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Mission and vision definition
  • Environmental assessment

Define your path forward.

One-to-two-day workshops will engage your team. We'll leverage the progress made in the preceding two stages to inform your planning and discern the most advantageous way forward. We'll craft action plans that establish map your resources, actions, and milestone markers.

Use action plans to chart your progress.

Action plans will provide the detail needed for successful next steps. Identifying resources while laying out your next steps, action plans will serve as the ongoing guide to achieve the objectives identified in your strategic plan. Milestone markers will help you monitor progress and identify moments for adaptation.

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Let's discuss how I can support your team.

Hear what my former clients have to say -

"In our four years of partnership, Kayla successfully understood and responded to our evaluation objective of exploring how our investments in individuals supported community change in the region. Kayla demonstrated adaptive and detailed project management expertise, with an eye to product quality throughout her work. She listened deeply as her work and the findings sparked new ideas for us—nimbly changing and adapting over time, while helping us keep our core evaluation question in mind. She regularly checked in and brought new approaches, identifying when we would be best supported with regular meetings and more detailed project plans, and when we could take time to focus on our internal efforts while she carried the work forward. As we explored the findings of the evaluation, Kayla brought the context and nuance of participant's stories, and facilitated the meetings in such a way that we could examine the data through many lenses and make sure no stone was left unturned in our time together. We left our partnership not only having comprehensively responded to our evaluation question, but energized by the way she engaged us in exploring the data throughout the process so that we could confidently speak to the success of our investments in individuals."

Anita Patel

Vice President of Grantmaking, Bush Foundation

"Kayla supported our team’s success at completing a Health Equity Data Analysis (HEDA) study with quality, while building our team's evaluative capacity so that we were equipped to conduct future HEDA's. Kayla's leadership is thoughtful and collaborative, creating opportunities for designing work together and building off of one another, while ensuring the project stays on time and aligned with its goals. As our team experienced challenges, Kayla demonstrated her ability to fully understand the challenge and provide a variety of paths for moving forward, highlighting the strengths and gaps of each approach. As a result of what we learned through this project, we are better equipped to navigate challenges our community faces and anticipate the supports needed for our programs to thrive."

Gretchen Etzler

Health Education Coordinator, Anoka County Public Health